About CI Engineers

CI-Engineers is a young civil engineering firm specialised in infrastructure works. CI-Engineers can work with you to develop initial, preparatory and final designs, as well as taking care of the implementation of the project or acting in a supervisory role. Our role is to act as the client’s consultant. CI-Engineers understands that working in a design team consists of more than merely translating a Schedule of Requirements into a design. Our specialists are highly skilled at working as a team to achieve high-quality results. CI-Engineers attaches great importance to Structural Safety and safety assurance.
Company philosophy
We want to do our work well, to the full satisfaction of our client, the architect, and their consultants.

This is set out explicitly in our policy objective and is part of our pursuit to build long-term relationships with clients and architects to safeguard the continuity of our firm.

Knowledge Sharing and Training

CI-Engineers is driven by employees who operate based on the vision of the management. The organization consists of a mix of experienced and young people.

Within our company, there are excellent opportunities for employees to further expand their knowledge. We offer internal courses in Revit and Civil 3D and have a knowledge platform specifically aimed at engineers and modelers within our company. This promotes continuous growth and improvement, ultimately leading to higher quality products and the development of our people.

For a project to be successful, trust and a good relationship are key. CI-Engineers will provide you the guidance and support you are used to in each and every project phase, from landing a tender through to engineering and, ultimately, completion. That is why our employees believe it is so important to build a rapport with every single party we work with.

For years, clients have been able to rely on the consistent quality of our work and our committed employees during (large) projects.

Quality (ISO)
CI-Engineers is currently in the midst of the process of becoming ISO-certified, which is due to be completed in the course of 2020. We expect the quality of our consultancy work to improve as a result.

We make sure to involve our employees closely in the process. We already organise periodic meetings for structural engineers and modellers (draughtspeople) to share knowledge by means of lectures.

Quality is a vital element of what we do, and much of our work is done for satisfied long-term clients. We could not have made this happen without always spending careful attention to quality, inventiveness, creativity, and good communication with all parties involved.

Internal quality assurance system
Soon, all our firm’s work will be organised and monitored by means of our very own quality assurance system, which is currently under development.

All quality-related agreements will be recorded in our very own ‘Quality Assurance Manual’, based on the guidelines specified in ‘NEN-EN-ISO 9001:2015: Quality Management Systems’.

For each project, we will put together a dedicated project dossier containing all information and data related to the project. The senior consultant in our project team will ultimately have to sign off on this project plan. All relevant project data will be recorded in this plan to make sure that our entire project team is always fully informed of the latest developments.

Most draughtspeople employed by CI-Engineers are also BIM modellers.

BIM requires an integrated approach, based on close cooperation from the very first phase of the design process. By using the right software and storing information in a central repository, all parties involved can share their expertise and knowledge in a structured fashion whilst facilitating optimal communication.

CI-Engineers sets the bar high when it comes to quality. Our recommendations, calculations, and plans lay the foundations for high-quality, responsibly designed structures. We always look for the most economically advantageous solution for a project, without compromising on build quality or the desired end result. Because our employees have so much experience in working with construction companies, we know how to deliver precisely the end product our client is looking for.
Construction projects without deadlines are few and far between. Our passionate specialists have considerable civil engineering knowledge and experience, enabling them to respond to challenges quickly and flexibly. This expertise plays a key role in making the construction process as efficient as possible.
Even during the design process, feasibility is paramount. We pride ourselves on giving our clients advice that can actually be put into practice. At CI-Engineers, we always strive to create the most efficient design possible, whilst optimising the various phases of the construction process. In a nutshell: all our designs are practical and feasible.