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CI Engineers

The power behind CI Engineers
Engineer E. Doorman
General Director
In 2000, I started B&I with my business partner at the time. The B was for Bouw, the Dutch word for Construction, seeing as this was where most of our work came from at the start, and I stood for Infrastructure, which would become our main source of income later on.
In 2007, I bought out my former business partner and continued running the company on my own, managing to significantly boost its turnover. In 2009, I sold B&I to Ingenieursbureau Bartels, which would later become Ingenieursbureau Lievense, where I worked as a director until 31 March 2017.
In June 2017, I partnered up with my former colleague Michel Storm to set up a new company for civil engineering works in the Netherlands and abroad. With this in mind, it did not take us very long to decide that the company should be called Civil International Engineers, or CI-Engineers for short.
CI-Engineers has since become a unique, distinctive engineering firm with experienced specialists and young, passionate employees with about 2 to 5 years of experience in the field. On top of that, we also have a company that organises training courses on new modelling programmes, including courses for integrated BIM management software.
Given the age and experience of CI’s employees, it appears that we have managed to achieve the goals we set 3 years ago, laying the foundation for a balanced, stable organisation. Our first experienced designers have already completed Revit courses and have started working as Revit modellers for CI-Engineers.

I am also a member of the team tasked with turning CI-Engineers into an ISO-certified engineering firm.

M.A. Storm
Chief Technical Officer
After starting my career as a draughtsman in 1991, I soon started working with Autodesk products, which revolutionised the field. In 1993, I took my very first AutoCAD course and I haven’t returned to the drawing board ever since.
After spending a few years wandering around various medium-sized and large projects and setting up various IT companies, I started working with AutoCAD 3D in late 1998. I was able to put this experience into practice on projects such as the A5 motorway, the HSL4 high-speed railway line, the 2nd Coentunnel, the A12 motorway from Lunetten to Veenendaal, and the N201 and N210 provincial roads.
As my interest in 3D modelling increased, I decided to shift my attention to Revit in 2011. After taking a brief training course the very same year, I amassed considerable experience with Revit, followed by Civil 3D, which I used for projects such as SAAone and the N18 provincial road.
In 2017, I decided to leave B&I after 16 years to partner up with Eric Doorman and found CI-Engineers.

Now that I am on the Board of CI-Engineers together with Eric Doorman, I am in a position to use my know-how and experience to take the knowledge of our Revit employees to the next level.

CE-Engineers is a company that specialises in flexibly deploying skilled, expert employees for our vast clientele.

Projects: A12 Lunetten-Veenendaal -Poort van Bunnik