Amstel Hotel Quay Wall Stabilization

Intercontinental Amstel Amsterdam
Construction Alliance

The city of Amsterdam is facing an area of quays that were not designed for the current, excessive loads. The condition of many bridges and quay walls is unknown, as is the load they can still bear. Private owners who, according to the land registry, own quay walls, are themselves responsible for maintaining these quay walls.

At the moment, there is an investigation into the condition of the quay wall behind the Amstel Hotel, where sinkholes have recently been observed. This could indicate soil erosion. Most likely, the contractor will fill the eroded space under the quay wall foundation with Buoycrete (a solution from Boskalis), an innovative lightweight grout mixture with high compressive strength and which is weightless under water. After filling, the quay wall is stabilized, and the immediate risk of collapse is averted.

The work for this method can be done from the water, requiring limited workspace. The use of Buoycrete offers several other advantages, such as:

  • maintaining accessibility
  • no need for dewatering or pumping
  • there will be no vibration work
  • (monumental) trees will be preserved
  • the historic character is maintained.

The role that CI-Engineers plays is mediating between the client and all parties, including the contractor, involved in the research and execution of these works. In this way, we work towards a safe living environment.