Shell biofuels facility

Construction Alliance

CI-Engineers is pleased to announce that we are currently collaborating with Worley on an innovative project for Shell in Pernis, where we are designing and realizing an advanced facility for the production of biofuels from renewable sources. The facility will convert pre-treated biofeed into HVO Diesel, HVO Kerosene, and HVO Naphtha through hydrogenation, isomerization, and upgrading, followed by product separation. The produced biofuels will be stored on-site in specially designed tanks.

HVO stands for ‘Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil’. It is a new type of fuel made from used vegetable oils and waste residues.

As a leading engineering firm, CI-Engineers has the task of designing and developing the support structures for the pipes, conduits, and vessels of the HVO section for this project to the realization phase. Our team of constructors is responsible for the design and calculation of a three-story supporting structure (platforms) in which two large vessels for the production and storage of biofuels will be installed. This support structure consists of steel and/or reinforced concrete.

Our constructors have designed a steel upper structure, consisting of three maintenance platforms for the required vessels and pipes for fuel production. This steel upper structure is fixed on a concrete foundation. CI-Engineers is responsible for the main calculation and design of the foundation and foundation reinforcement.

Together with the 3D modelers, we work meticulously on updating the 3D Navisworks model based on the verified calculations of our constructors. For detailed elaboration of reinforcement sketches and drawings, we engage specialized third parties. The concrete foundation is supported by deep pile-driving/boreholes that are installed in the ground. Our constructors are also responsible for the design and calculation of the piles, determining the pile locations, and the pile head reactions.

During the design process, CI-Engineers works closely with various disciplines within Worley and with external partners to avoid possible clashes with existing components. After completing each phase (part) of the construction, we organize a 3D model review with the lead engineers and our client Shell to verify that all designed parts are correct and have no clashes with other disciplines.

At CI-Engineers, we are committed to an efficient and professional approach to this groundbreaking project, while closely collaborating with our partners and clients to ensure successful realization.