Blankenburg link road

Construction Alliance

The accessibility of the Rotterdam area is of great economic importance, but overcrowded roads are becoming an increasing problem.
The Blankenburg link road is needed to ensure a high level of accessibility, improve quality of life, and prepare the area’s economy for the future.
This Rijkswaterstaat project will see the construction of a new motorway, the A24, to connect the A20 and A15 motorways,
which will also consist of a tunnel under the Scheur river. The link road will also be home to a new land tunnel, called the Hollandtunnel.
In this project, CI-Engineers is responsible for the interface drawings for the Tunnel Installations and for the structural drawings to make sure that all the installations end up in the right place.
CI-Engineers has also been tasked with designing other parts required for the implementation of the project.