Çanakkale brug

Construction Alliance

The Çanakkale bridge in Turkey spans the Dardanelles, a narrow strait near the Bosphorus. This bridge is a key part of the route between the cities of Çanakkale and Tekirdag and connects Asia with Europe. The dual-carriageway bridge will have 3 lanes on either side and have a total length of 3623 m, with a main span of 2023 m. After its completion, the Çanakkale bridge will be the world’s largest suspension bridge.
The foundations of the pylons consist of two enormous 85x80m caissons with a height of 35 and 47 metres, respectively. These caissons will be built in a so-called dry dock, from where they will be transported to the wet dock and, finally, to their fixed location, where they will be sunken into place on a bed of gravel. CI-Engineers is responsible for the phase drawings for the transport from the dry dock to the wet dock and for the final position of the caissons after they have been sunk. This enormous bridge is due to be completed in mid-2023.