Fire fighting system Argent Energy

Argent Energy
Construction Alliance

On behalf of Argent Energy, CI-Engineers is working on a new foundation for a pump house to be constructed. This pump house has storage tanks on either side for water that can be used as firefighting water in case of an emergency.

The company Argent Energy produces biodiesel from waste with a vision to make road transport carbon-free worldwide. They use only waste materials and are constantly looking for new waste that can be converted into products of higher value. To increase production capacity, they have started building a chemical plant. The work for which CI is requested includes the design of a fire-fighting pump house and storage tanks that will guarantee the capacity to supply firefighting water to these biodiesel production facilities and future expansion projects. CI-Engineers is involved in calculating the foundation and developing the 3D model in Revit, including the generated form and reinforcement drawings.

The two water tanks will each be 11 meters in height with a diameter of 14.5 meters. Each of the tanks and the pump house will be on its own foundation slab. These three slabs will be interconnected using a flexible waterstop. This waterstop is made of PVC-P and is designed for sealing movement, expansion, and construction joints in new waterproof concrete structures.