OVT Zuid

Het Rijk, Provinnce Noord-Holland, Vervoersregio Amsterdam, Prorail and the municipality Amsterdam
Construction Alliance

The Zuidas in Amsterdam is a significant public transport hub for the Amsterdam region. To accommodate the large flow of passengers in the future, the existing Minervapassage in Amsterdam Zuid Station is being modified, and a new passage named the Brittenpassage is being designed and built.

The construction consortium Nieuw-Zuid has been tasked with demolishing the existing metro decks and designing and building new metro decks for the Minervapassage, the Brittenpassage, and the metro decks near the Parnassusweg.

From CI-Engineers, modelers, constructors, and a work planner are involved in this project. They calculate and model the newly constructed metro decks, abutments, foundation structures, and earthworks for the execution design. Additionally, CI-Engineers is working on the design of the temporary structures, such as the temporary roofs of the Minervapassage and the temporary structures for sliding in the deck at the Vivaldi passage. There is also a site-engineering team, led by one of our CI colleagues, which addresses issues that arise during construction.