Construction Alliance

Commissioned by Technip Benelux, CI-Engineers is currently renovating the foundation for an insulated Cold Box that is part of an Ethylene refinery in Saudi Arabia. This insulated Cold Box consists of a 30 m tower with a 6.5 m square base. The vessels and pipelines in the insulated Cold Box can reach temperatures as low as -180 °C. This renovation project involves a wide range of different disciplines, including piping, architectural, structural, civil, electrical, fire protection, heating and ventilation, processing, transport, and more.

Using the data collected by these disciplines, CI-Engineers was tasked with examining whether the existing foundation was still satisfactory. To do so, we used the existing calculations and drawings and wrote up specifications for a non-destructive, on-site foundation examination. The foundation was then tested acoustically and hammer-tested for possible discontinuities. Finally, we also took a close look at the rebar configuration with a magnetic examination. Together, these studies showed whether the existing foundation was still satisfactory or whether changes had to be made.
Work started in June 2018 and was completed by the end of 2018.