Province Zuid-Holland
Construction Alliance

Part of the RijnlandRoute involves the realization of the subproject ‘RijnlandRoute N206 ir. G. Tjalma-weg’. This is an important east-west connection in the Holland Rijnland region. The route runs from the intersection N206-N441 on the west side to the Torenvlietbrug on the east side. It mainly has a sunken location, with multiple accesses incorporated.

The tasks mainly consist of designing, realizing, and maintaining:

  1. Expanding the existing route from 2 x 1 to 2 x 2 lanes and upgrading it to a flow road, which will mainly be constructed in a semi-sunken way;
  2. Realizing a second Torenvlietbrug as a fixed bridge with 3 lanes next to the existing bridge, including adjusting the water profile;
  3. Making the existing Torenvlietbrug immovable;
  4. Realizing two grade-separated junctions (Valkenburg II and Valkenburg III);
  5. The road is prepared for the destination and realization of the HOV/R-net bus lane on the south side;
  6. A roundabout at the connection with the Voorschoterweg;
  7. A fast cycling route and park zone on the north side of the road.

CI-Engineering was involved in the UO-design of KW06, KW03 Pump cellar, and the park bridges. Particularly in optimizing the Execution Design. In optimizing the UO, extensive use was made of 3D simulations for complex detailing and SCIA-Engineer for optimizing and simplifying reinforcement details.

Our involved draftsman Danny had the following to say about it: “I completed this UO-design with pleasure in collaboration with Engineer Sander. The photo was taken from the Hofvlietweg just after the structure was completed, showing only the artwork and asphalt part in its pure form, which I believe is the best moment for a picture! I am still working on as-built work for Civil and GWW and hope to complete it by February.”