Rijnland route

Construction Alliance

The Rijnland route is a new road between Katwijk, the A44, and the A4 near Leiden. This new addition will relieve the pressure on current bottlenecks and improve the flow of traffic in the Holland Rijnland area. In this project for the Province of Zuid-Holland, Comol5 is responsible for converting the Leiden West junction, building the new N434 provincial road with a bored tunnel and modifying various non-residential structures along the A4 and A44 motorways. Work on the Rijnlandroute started in 2017 and the project is scheduled to be completed in 2022.

CI-Engineers is currently 3D-modelling the expansion of existing non-residential structures and the creation of new structures in Revit 3 D. Our employees are now working on the combo walls and the final design for the substructure of the viaducts in Revit 2 D. For the bored tunnel, CI-Engineers is responsible for the phase drawings for the initial shaft and reception shaft. CI-Engineers also provides Site Engineering services for this project.