Road widening A2 Het Vonderen-Kerensheide

Construction Alliance
Dura Vermeer

The A2 between the junctions Het Vonderen and Kerensheide is the only highway connection between South Limburg and Central Limburg and the rest of the country (and abroad).

Smooth traffic flow is of great importance, particularly for the economy. The expansion is necessary to improve traffic flow to and from the regions. Therefore, the A2 between Het Vonderen and Kerensheide will be expanded from 2×2 lanes plus a rush-hour lane to 2×3 lanes plus an emergency lane.

CI-engineers’ contribution to this project involves exploring various options to either modify or replace the structures. Since most of the structures were built in the 1960s, demolition and new construction will be the order of the day in most cases. In this instance, it concerns a tender design, where costs are also considered, thus influencing certain choices in alternatives.