Construction Alliance

The SAAone project is part of the A1/A6 motorway extension and spans a total distance of 20 km. After the project is completed, the A1 and A6 motorways will both have 2×5 lanes between the Diemen and Hollandse Brug junctions. Between Hollandse Brug and Hoge Ring, near Almere, the A6 motorway will have 4×2 lanes, and a double reversible lane will be built along the entire length of the A1/A6 motorways. This project consists of several non-residential structures, as well as the construction of an aqueduct under the Vecht river near Muiden and the modification of Muiderberg junction.
Ultimately, this project will vastly improve the accessibility of the area, whilst improving the flow of traffic and increasing overall quality of life. Work started in 2013 and will last until 2020. CI Engineers was responsible for creating 3D models for the various non-residential structures, including the bicycle tunnels and pergolas, as well as the models for the Vecht aqueduct.