Widening A27

Construction Alliance
Ballast-Nedam en Fluor

The A27 has been at the top of the traffic jam lists for years and is therefore being widened. CI-Engineers is involved in the southern part of the project.

Project team ALSÉÉN (a consortium of Ballast-Nedam and Fluor) has been assigned this part of the project.

The work is being carried out according to a two-phase approach. The project has many risks and uncertainties: it involves a long route (40km), with bridges that urgently need to be renewed, and construction activities that can cause significant disruption for a long time.

In addition, unpredictable price developments in the construction industry and a shortage of qualified personnel are also factors. The approach means that ALSÉÉN, in the first phase, creates the design in close cooperation with Rijkswaterstaat, exploring the necessary technology and the best construction method.

In this way, work is being done on a well-thought-out design and a good schedule, but also on reliable final price formation and good risk distribution and cost control. We do this to make the execution (the 2nd phase) as predictable and manageable as possible.

In this part, there are also 2 large bridges; the Keizersveer Bridge and the Merwede Bridge. Both bridges urgently need to be replaced and will therefore be completely replaced.

In addition to widening 40 km of the highway, the Hooipolder interchange is being tackled, the Merwede Bridge and the Keizersveer Bridges are being replaced, and a connection is being made for the future Groote Haar business park in Gorinchem.

For the time being, the work of CI-Engineers involves modeling the existing viaducts (all drawings date from 1974). A preliminary design is then added to this as part of the two-phase approach. This should be ready by September, and then decisions will be made regarding the further design.