Sectors of
CI-Engineers b.v.

CI-Engineers provides its services for a wide range of clients in various sectors. Given our extensive experience and broad knowledge within these sectors, we can provide high-quality, technically sound solutions and services.

Tunnels and spans

From land tunnels to bored tunnels and submerged tunnels, CI-Engineers can share its knowledge and expertise to aid in the construction of any type of tunnel for road and or railway traffic, with our services ranging from blending the tunnel into the landscape, drawing up the design, or organising and supervising construction. We have worked on countless projects large and small and have amassed extensive knowledge in the field of underground construction in the process.
Tunnels or underpasses are built to shorten distances or promote the flow of traffic in places where multiple roads cross. When designing junctions in high-density traffic situations, we look closely at current traffic flows. In these situations, dividing projects and innovations into phases, resulting in shorter construction times, can make a real difference. In our approach, feasibility takes centre stage, whilst accommodating for both aspects.


Aqueducts are becoming ever more common features of the Dutch landscape, allowing waterways to cross over roads. The advantage of an aqueduct over a bridge is that it allows waterborne traffic and road traffic to cross unhindered, while its higher costs are a clear disadvantage. Aqueducts are fundamentally based on a sunken ‘basin’, while the narrow width of waterways typically means that the tunnel is relatively short. As a result, designing an aqueduct can be a complicated affair, as myriad factors have to be taken into account. CI-Engineers has worked on the structural designs for various aqueducts in the Netherlands.


Bridges and non-residential structures form an important part of Dutch infrastructure. While bridges have to be functional, they also have to blend into the landscape, which is why designing a bridge requires careful attention.

CI-Engineers always looks for optimal design principles and the most suitable construction method for the location in question. On top of that, the pursuit of distinctive, high-quality design is what really sets CI-Engineers apart. We can be your designers as well as your consultant.